Conference Organising

Conference and Workshop Organisation

  • EPSC 2020: Virtual Organising Committee (VOC) and co-convener of Ice Giants session.
  • DPS 2020: Science Organising Committee (SOC).
  • AGU 2020 (San Francisco): Co-Convener, Juno and Jupiter session.
  • COSPAR 2021: Lead Convener, B5.4 Ice Giant Systems.
  • Lead Organiser, UK Solar System Planetary Atmospheres Meeting, February 14th 2020, Royal Astronomical Society.
  • Lead Organiser, Royal Society Discussion Meeting: Ice Giant Systems 2020, January 20th-22nd 2020.
  • Co-Organiser (with John Rogers), Royal Astronomical Society Juno Workshop, May 10th-11th 2018. Received funding from Europlanet.
  • Co-Organiser (with Amy Simon), COSPAR Ice Giants Session B5.4, July 2018, Pasadena, California.
  • Co-Convener, EPSC Meeting sessions on Giant Planet Systems, (multiple dates)
Leigh Fletcher
Professor of Planetary Science